The reception had over 150 people viewing art, noshing on good food from Honey and enjoying entertainment from Creative Colloquy, Summer Rauf, and Hellen Cane.

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foul-mouthed women by christina butcher

when a man calls you soft-spoken

you must take his voice

/ do not forgive him

he doesn't know you


hasn’t seen you walk the lava fields

didn’t hear you crack basalt

between toes and teeth

wasn’t with you

as you climbed crater walls

he doesn’t know your fingers

still beg to break.

he’s not listening

when you say there is no temple

between tongue and cheek

only a roof


where voice clangs

into sky

a peal opening


to the violence of stronger women

than men

/ jeweled women

bronzed women

we foul-mouthed

women with fangs.

we are always speaking

but these men

never hear us

this man

doesn't know you

or me

he’s never watched us spit cherry pits

into long grass, then stand to compare


never heard us lie

to the guava heart

speak eulogy

or howl as we flee into the night

he knows nothing

so, do not forgive him

just yet.


offer him a seat near your lover's hand

and then bury him in the noise

the clamor

the racket

of your familiarity.